Root Canal Therapy

Halt Infection and Save Your Teeth

Root Canal Treatment in Lihue, KauaiThe human mouth is filled with bacteria, many of them harmful. While regular at-home and professional dental care can help to control these bacteria, dental infections may still occur as the result of decay or trauma. These infections are not only painful, but they can threaten your health as well.

Root canal therapy is often the appropriate treatment for dental infections. By removing the infected pulp, or living tissue inside a tooth, Dr. Yoo can help stop the infection and your pain. Furthermore, root canal therapy can preserve your tooth and potentially eliminate the need for an extraction. Dr. Yoo is also certain to use the latest techniques in local anesthesia to keep you comfortable.

Ignoring dental pain and signs of infection – like gum swelling, bleeding, and abscesses – can have serious consequences. Contact Kauai Dental Studio at (808) 240-2656 right away if you notice problems. We offer same-day treatment during business hours for dental emergencies!