Oral Cancer Screening

Safeguard Your Dental Health in Kauai

Oral Cancer Screenings Lihue, KauaiThere are many types of cancer, but most share several features in common. For one, early detection of cancer always increases the chances of a good outcome. This is certainly true for oral cancers, which affect the various tissues inside the mouth. Also, like many other cancers, oral cancer can spread throughout the body.

Smokers and other tobacco users are more likely to suffer from oral cancer, but this disease can also affect those who have never touched tobacco. For this reason, regular oral cancer screenings are crucial. Dr. Yoo provides these screenings at Kauai Dental Studio with a thorough examination, searching for any suspicious signs.

We care about your health. Call us right away at (808) 240-2656 if you notice any swelling, ulcers, sores, lumps, or thickened patches in your mouth. Remember, the sooner you discover oral cancer, the better.