Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps for Patients in Lihue, Kauai

Dental Crowns Lihue, KauaiA dental crown is a common method of reinforcing a damaged tooth, hopefully preventing further damage or even tooth loss.

When a large structure of a tooth has been damaged, usually from decay or accident, Dr. Yoo may recommend a crown. The crown covers the visible area of the tooth – everything above the gumline. Your new crown not only covers unsightly fillings, missing tooth structure, and cracks, but also helps to protect your tooth from further damage.

At Kauai Dental Studio, Dr. Yoo works closely with quality US-based dental labs to ensure that the best in cosmetics and strength are used when fabricating his crowns. High-quality crowns result in more consistent outcomes that last for years.  Some patients may have crowns that are aesthetically compromised or that are defective and in need of replacement. Dr. Yoo is happy to discuss options for you.

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